This Cookie Policy is an integral part of the terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy of the web page (hereinafter, the “Website”). Access to and navigation on the Website, or the use of its services, imply acceptance of the terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy.

To facilitate navigation on the Portal, HAPPY APPS S.L. (hereinafter, “the Provider”), as its owner, wishes to inform you that it uses cookies or other devices for data storage and retrieval with a similar functionality (hereinafter, the “Cookies”).

In this regard, and in order to guarantee the user has all the information needed to navigate properly, we are making the following informative text available to the user about what cookies are, what types of cookies exist on our Website and how they can be configured or disabled.


Cookies are small files that are often created when visiting a website and are kept in a cookie log directory on each device. Each cookie contains a unique anonymous code. Its main purpose is to recognise the user whenever they access the website, and also to improve the website’s quality and provide a better user experience.


We use our cookies (owned by the Provider) and third-party cookies to improve our services, personalise the Website, facilitate our users’ navigation, provide a better user experience on the Website, identify problems in order to improve it, and gather metrics and statistics on usage.

We can use cookies on your device as long as you have given your consent, except in cases where cookies are necessary to navigate our website.

By accessing the Website, you expressly accept the use of this kind of Cookie on your devices. If you disable the Cookies it may limit your user experience on the Website, and some of the tools on the Website may not work properly.

Cookies are essential to how the Internet works; they cannot harm the user’s machine/device. If they are enabled in your browser settings, they help identify and resolve potential errors in the functioning of the Website.

Specifically, the provider is using the Cookies for the purposes set out below.


These cookies are essential for allowing you to navigate the Website and use its functions. Without these cookies, it would not be possible to provide some of the services included on the Website.

and.lp.cfg_sessionownSessionNecessaryUsed to establish a user session.
and.backend_loginown5 minNecessaryUsed for login control.
and.auto_downloadown5 minNecessaryUsed to indicate automatic content download.
and.argo.welcomen_msgown1 yearNecessaryUser identifier
and.argo.sessionidown1 yearNecessaryUsed to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly-generated number as a customer identifier.
and.argo.ucodown1 yearNecessaryEncoded user identifier
and.argo.uidown1 yearNecessaryUnique user identifier
and.cerd_ebookown1 yearNecessaryProvides the possibility of retrieving your user data.
and.content_urlown5 minNecessarySaves the current url.
and.gen.lastcheckown5 minNecessaryUsed to validate the user’s session.
and.cookies_consentown1 yearNecessaryUsed to identify the current cookie policy version at a given moment and to store the user’s cookie type preferences.
and.adultown1 yearNecessaryWhere relevant, it makes it possible to check that the website is being accessed by adults.
and.popup_cookies.201805own5 minNecessaryMakes it possible to identify the user.
no.detectionown24 hoursNecessaryComplement to the and.detection cookie for identification of the user.
thankyou.channelown1 yearNecessaryMakes it possible to identify registration data, which are needed for us to be able to provide the service.
subsmccmncown1 yearNecessaryMakes it possible to identify registration data, which are needed for us to be able to provide the service.
and.thankyou.designown1 yearNecessaryMakes it possible to identify registration data, which are needed for us to be able to provide the service.
and.cache.websiteown1 yearNecessaryMakes it possible to identify registration data, which are needed for us to be able to provide the service.
__cfduidcloudflare10 monthsNecessaryUsed to identify trusted web traffic. Does not correspond to any user ID in the web application, nor does it save any identifiable personal data.


These cookies allow the website to offer more functionality and personalisation. They may be established by the Provider or by third-party providers whose services are added to our Website.

NameProviderDurationTypologyDescription yearFunctionalityRemembers the user’s last search. yearFunctionalityRemembers the user’s last search.
__cfduidonesignal.com10 monthsFunctionalityUser identifier generator so that OneSignal can provide Push notifications always upon confirmation.


These cookies are able to track and analyse user behaviour on the Website, to create browsing profiles in order to introduce enhancements based on the analysis of the data about the way the Website is used.

_gatgoogle.es1 minutePerformanceUsed to show the site’s own advertising on other pages of the Google network.
_gagoogle.es2 yearsPerformanceUsed to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly-generated number as a customer identifier. Is included in each page request on a site and is used to calculate the data of visitors, sessions and campaigns for the site’s analytics reports.
_gidgoogle.es24 hoursPerformanceThis cookie records a unique identification used to generate statistical data about how the visitor uses the website.


There are several ways for you to manage cookies and other tracking technologies. You can adjust the settings from the panel that appears in the cookies pop-up when landing on the Website. In addition, through your browser settings, you can accept or reject cookies or configure your browser to notify you before accepting a cookie from websites you visit. Please note that it is possible you will not be able to use all of our interactive features if you configure your browser to disable cookies completely. If you use different computers in different locations, you will need to make sure that each browser is set to your preferences.

Depending on the browser you use on your computer, you can manage cookies using the following links:

Cookies on mobile devices:

Because the Website is primarily accessed from mobile devices on which cookies are also stored, we have made it possible for you to configure them in the browsers of mobile devices.

If you wish to change the privacy settings, you will need to follow the instructions given by the developer of your mobile device’s browser.

Below are some examples of links showing you how to change the privacy settings on your mobile device:

–          Safari for IOS:

Users can revoke their consent for the use of cookies in their browser through the indications above or by installing an opt-out system in their web browser. Some third parties make this opt-out easy through the following link:

Opt-out of Google Analytics:


The Provider may change this Cookie Policy based on new legislative or regulatory requirements, or to adapt the policy to the instructions laid down by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

When significant changes are made to this Cookie Policy, users will be given the opportunity to configure them again upon visiting the Website.

For more information about how we make use of cookies, you can contact us by email at or change them directly in the <span class=”open-popup-cookies”>configuration panel</span>.